Pesto Pasta


I under-cooked the pasta so it was a little chewy. But the pesto sauce turned out pretty good, especially with a knob of butter and splash of olive oil thrown in. Barely any effort to make and healthy to boot, that is, if you left out the butter. This is great for those days when we get home late from training and can’t be arsed to do more than boil water and throw stuff together in a bowl.

1 serving

Total time
10 mins (8 mins to cook the pasta during which you can heat up the sauce + 2 mins to stir everything together)

1 handful pasta
2 tbsp pasta water
3 tbsp pesto sauce
1 pinch table salt
Chopped basil leaves
Knob of butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Coarse black pepper

1. Add salt to water and boil. Add pasta, stirring immediately to prevent sticking. Leave to boil for 8 mins for well cooked, less for al denta.
2. Heat up 3 tbsp pesto sauce and 2 tbsp pasta water in a skillet. Add butter and coarse black pepper, stirring vigorously over medium heat.
3. Lower the heat and add the pasta, mixing it well into the sauce.
4. Plate the pasta. Drizzle olive oil and garnish with basil leaves.


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